I Sense a Sarcastic Disturbance in the Force

I haven't seen the series, but it has generated at least one review worthy of the time it takes to read it.
No critical love. No marketing oomph. No-name cast. Together equal — what else? — ratings smash!

Probably just coincidence, but the same kind of paradox confounded Hollywood some years ago, as it pondered the improbable success of another biblical movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” Of course, that international blockbuster had movie icon Mel Gibson. Not on screen, no. But it did land Jim Caviezel for the lead role. CAVIEZEL. That’s C-A-V …

And once Jim Caviezel was attached to star, it was practically inevitable that “The Passion of the Christ” would go on to become the all-time top-grossing R-rated movie in the U.S., and rake in over $600 million worldwide. As if. No, here again, we must admit, answers are elusive.

Now and then a right-wing critic will come out of the woodwork to fantasize about some imaginary silent majority of viewers hungry for inspiring, all-ages popular entertainment. But if there was some vast, under-served market for bible stories, then, obviously, Hollywood would be producing them.


Texan99 said...

I think I saw an earlier episode. I kept waiting for it to go all post-modern or snarky, and it never did. If I'd realized Roma Downey was involved, I wouldn't have been surprised.

douglas said...

I actually have watched the first two episodes- The first started well, having Noah retelling Genesis to his family as they battled to survive the storm tossed seas. Clever. After that it seemed to me rather straightforward and was in some ways boring (though well produced to be sure). I thought the second episode was better. I also caught Roma Downey and her Husband Mark Burnett [Survior Producer and soldier- from Wiki: "At age seventeen, he enlisted in the British Army, and became a Section Commander in the Parachute Regiment. From 1978–82 he served with the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) and saw action during the Falklands War"], and they explained that they just wanted to get a good production of the Bible stories out without being preachy or trying to put any new spin on it- just put it out there. I'd say they succeeded in that, but it will appeal to the initiated better than the secular with no understanding of the stories.

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