Disaster prep

One of the first things the emergency response corps does here in implementing a mandatory evacuation is cut off the power, water, and gas to the most exposed shoreline areas.  I'm surprised to see reports of devastated communities (such as Seaside, NJ, in the video below) burning down and gas lines still clearly attached.  On the TV news just now, people were discussing difficulties in finding personnel to shut off the lines.


Elise said...

Late to this but I'm in NJ and just got power back last night. (No damage here - 15 miles inland and our trees held up.)

This brings up a broader question I've been wondering about: did anyone around here (governors, mayors, state-level disaster agencies) ask for help/advice from the States that deal with hurricanes regularly?

Grim said...

Good to know that you're well, Elise.

Elise said...

Thanks, Grim. We were very lucky.