Completely False Statements

So the responsible thing -- the American thing! -- is to allow the investigation to proceed to a responsible, careful, detailed conclusion. OK.

One question, though: how long did the administration allow the FBI to be on the ground investigating this incident? My impression is that the answer is "Zero minutes and zero seconds, during which they were able to conduct zero interviews of eye-witnesses."

To describe this as waiting for a full, responsible investigation is the highest level of horse manure. They pulled the investigation before it even got on the ground. This is top-quality stuff, the sort you'd use to fertilize a rose garden.


douglas said...

Piers was still way too gentle. The story is out now that the administration and State department knew 24 hours after the attack that it was terrorism, not a protest about a stupid video. He makes a fair attack on her ground, but her ground is to perpetuate the lie (I'll use the word, even if he won't) that they didn't know for sure until much later.

It's obscene.

Texan99 said...

The CNN/Anderson Cooper interview with Sean Smith's mother is devastating. "Trust me, they said. Well, I don't trust them any more."

It stinks to high Heaven.

Cass said...

Well said, Grim. I still can't believe this isn't a huge election issue and on the front pages of every newspaper in America.

The media are starting to cover it, but the narrative is clear: the buck stops at the State Dept.

bthun said...

"The media are starting to cover it, but the narrative is clear: the buck stops at the State Dept."

Sure looks like... Can the 2008 O campaign ads demonizing/degrading Hill be far behind?

Joseph W. said...

I've heard that tune called "Portlairige" and "Stop Your Ticklin' Jock" - but I don't get how it relates to the post.

(Not that I think a good old Celtic tune needs any justifying, mind you.)