Economics and Firearms

Is it worse to use violent metaphors, or to use them badly?

"The Last Bullet.... [but] The Cartridge is Almost Empty."

So it's a squib?  Better not to use it, then.  Otherwise, this will happen:


MikeD said...

Good video, it just goes on far too long.

Mark said...

I always wondered how often this happens. The guy is lucky. Most of my experience and fear has been centered around overcharges, although I have dropped the hammer on a rifle reload with no powder, it did not leave the case. A good friend blew up his M1A overloading it for the long range course. He wasn't really hurt, just shocked, despite being told what he was doing was dangerous.

My big fear was dropping a double charge of Bullseye powder in a .38 spl target load. Luckily this never happened and I quit reloading for handguns.

Grim said...

We were firing some very hot handloads out of a Glock 10mm -- the Model 20 -- some years ago. One of them fired so hot that the brass expanded to the point of being stuck in the chamber, so it wouldn't eject (and the next round consequently couldn't feed).

The Glock soaked it up without any obvious problems, and once the brass cooled it could be manually ejected with a rod. Still, I favor a good cold-rolled steel handgun these days -- and like you, I don't use handloads in short guns anymore.