Strong Women Belong in the Home

I'm not sure how sympathetic I am to these complaints.  On the one hand, I think, of course it's true:  and what did you expect? On the other hand, it's hard to accept a complaint from someone in the top 1% of influential people that they are ignored compared to the people in the top 0.5%.  It's true, as far as it goes; but nevertheless, you're at the table, and if you aren't "called on" you can still speak up on your own.  That's more influence than whole the TEA Party has on the President's economic policy, or would have even if they marched two million strong outside his house.

Leaving all of which aside, this is the worst defense against claims of sexism that I've ever seen:
“The president is someone who when he goes home at night he goes home to house full of very strong women,” Dunn added.
There's no way that is going to fly.

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