Stay Home

Stay Home, Mr. President:

Georgia would just as soon you not drop by.

At least, Democrats in Georgia feel that way.

The President will fly into town Monday morning.

If you think this will be a time for Democrats running for office to rally around the chief executive- -you probably haven't been following the campaigns this summer.

Former Governor Roy Barnes will not be available to meet Mr. Obama. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate will be somewhere in Georgia- - far from Atlanta....

In 1996 Democrat Michael Coles was running against Republican Newt Gingrich for the 6th congressional district seat. Mr. Coles avoided President Clinton at rallies in Atlanta and Macon.... "I think the difficult thing for anyone in Georgia - if you run as a Democrat- is to separate yourself from not being a national Democrat, because Georgia Democrats like Zell Miller and Sam Nunn are cut out of a different cloth and that's how I wanted to be seen."
Republicans, on the other hand, are overjoyed to see him. I understand Sonny Perdue will be going out to meet his plane and welcome him down. The more people see of him, the better the Republican Party will do come November.

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