"Everybody Draw Muhammad Day"

Reason Magazine posts the winners. But you know, consider this claim:

Similarly, the invocation of the popular Where's Waldo? series forces the viewer to ask Where's Mohammed?, and to begin a hunt for a figure in the midst of an overstuffed scene. One assumes the black-robed character in the upper right-hand quadrant of the image is our quarry, but then what does it mean to confer on a small dot any significance whatsoever?
Well, what does it mean? What it doesn't mean is that the small dot can't carry that kind of significance. It can. You can. Joan of Arc did. Robert the Bruce. George Washington. Jesus of Nazareth. The Buddha. William Marshall. King Arthur -- whoever he was -- and Sir Thomas Malory, who told his tale in his own way.

This is another place where logic defies us. It shouldn't be the case, according to logic, that 'a small dot' should be able to bear 'any significance whatsoever.' But we can; and we do. Perhaps that is by God's grace; and perhaps it is by human dignity. But it is true, whether or not it is logical.

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