Creating Brotherly Love

Creating Brotherly Love:

The Cowboy Way:

This cowboy wasn't about to let a crook rustle him out of a good truck.

A Kalispell man chased down the thief who stole his pickup truck and held him for police despite being stabbed twice in the arm. And he kept his cowboy hat on the whole time, said Kalispell Police Detective Kevin McCarvel.

The man started his Ford F-250 diesel pickup late Monday afternoon to warm it up before leaving work. But when he walked out of the office at about 5 p.m., he saw his truck being driven away, McCarvel said Wednesday.

The truck owner ran and jumped in the bed of the truck and used his cell phone to call police.

"The nice part about it was the victim in this was obviously giving directions the whole way," McCarvel said Wednesday, "so it made him pretty easy to find."

The truck traveled six to eight blocks before the thief pulled over and took off running.

The 26-year-old truck owner quickly checked the cab, thought the thief had taken his wallet, grabbed a hand gun and began chasing him on foot.
He caught the thief, who pulled a knife on him. Sadly, the thief is in custody tonight, having survived the encounter by a compound of miracle and mercy.

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