"Bugler, Sound Recall!"

We were up in Dahlonega yesterday, a small town in the North Georgia mountains that was home to America's first gold rush. It is currently home to North Georgia College and State University, the military college of Georgia. As we finished our business and began to drive home, the sound of the bugler drifted across the town, playing "Retreat" and then "To the Colors."

It inspired me to see if there was a good repository on the internet of military bugle calls. The Army has one. Unsurprisingly, the Federation of American Scientists also has a collection. You may enjoy listening to these, whether you are occasionally on Army installations and wonder after the calls used, or if you like old cavalry Westerns and wonder what the bugle calls mean, or simply have a love for history and military traditions.

When I was last in Iraq, every morning at 0600, the loudspeaker at the headquarters of the Third Infantry Division in Iraq sounded the charge. That hour would normally be used for "Reveille," but that call is to be used when raising the colors. As the US flag was not to be flown on Iraq territory, out of respect for the sovereign status of our host nation, the charge was used instead.

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