Dr. Helen has a post on bumper stickers as personality tests. This reminds me of a story.

I once drove my wife's truck into D.C. for a meeting. On the way out of town, a woman on I-66 slammed right into the back of the truck. She wasn't paying any attention at all. It wasn't a hard hit, so I climbed out and glanced down at the bumper to see if it was hurt. No obvious damage.

That done, I walked back to the other car -- a nice Lexus SUV filled with nervous, well-dressed, overweight people -- and inquired as to whether anyone was hurt.

"What?" the lady driving asked, with fear-filled eyes.

It seemed odd to me that they were so visibly frightened by a minor accident, but I put it down to adrenaline. "Is anyone hurt?" I repeated.

"No! No!" she said.

"Then let's just forget about it," I told her with a smile, and turned around to walk back to the truck.

As I was doing so, I noticed the bumper sticker my wife, in a moment of oddball humor, had plastered right across the back:


I suspect that was a lot funnier with a little brunette driving, instead of me. :)

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