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China Readings:

China has been getting a lot of interest lately, due to the anti-Japanese riots. Some of you might be interested in reading about anti-Communist activism, both inside and outside of China.

For my left-leaning readers, here is a piece, originally from Indymeda, attempting to explain to the "activist community" why they should care about China. It is by a Director Emeritus of the China Support Network. The reasons they have had little success getting help from the activist community, of course, are that so many of the leading organs of the activist community are Communist in their basic philosophy (most of these openly so); and further that Chinese abuses against human rights are so awful that attention to them drains away much of the force that activists would rather direct against American abuses. Nevertheless, the CSN is perfectly correct to point out that people who care about genocide, torture, and the massacre of innocent people ought to care about China's leadership ("the Butchers of Beijing," as I believe Clinton once called them).

For those seeking critiques from the Chinese themselves, The Epoch Times's "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" are available online. These are the commentaries that have spurred the mass resignations from the Chinese Communist Party, which are said to be approaching one million (although, in fairness, all the sources for numbers on these track back to the Epoch Times itself).

The commentaries are sternly anti-Communist, and not just anti-CCP. They speak to the root of the problem with Communism as a philosophy, as well as the particular history of the CCP. It is helpful to know that some of the rhetoric used, which may seem over the top, has its origins in CCP rhetoric. For example, the CCP famously called Falun Gong "an evil cult," which is why Commentary Eight is entitled "On How the Chinese Communist Party Is An Evil Cult."

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