Military bloggers are surprisingly often poets, or take the time to host poets. Here are a few poems I've seen lately. Some of them are very good. Many of them speak to the sacrifices of the military life, which are felt most keenly during the holidays.

"On A Cold, Snow Night" treats a child, watching a sentry.

"A Military Christmas" shows the hardships of the military calling, even when all goes well.

"Freedom Isn't Free, It's Priceless" shows what it is like when things do not go well. It is by the mother of Lance Corporal Torrey Gray, killed this April in Iraq.

This isn't a poem, but it ought to be.

"A Soldier's Christmas" is written in the form of "The Night Before Christmas."

I'm sure there are others. If you've seen one you'd like added, email me or leave it in the comments.

UPDATE: Bill suggests "Merry Christmas, My Friend" or "A Soldier's Silent Night," available as a sound file, here.

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