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More Groundlaying?

An anti-DPRK paper in South Korea has this report:

A Chinese state-run institute criticized North Korea in saying that the North has been hampering the improvement of Sino-U.S. relationships and committing political persecution domestically. China is not responsible for supporting Pyongyang on all fronts, the institute asserted.
According to Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun, the latest edition of the Chinese bimonthly diplomatic magazine “Strategy and Management” criticized North Korea’s political inheritance system and nuclear weapons development and suggested that China needs new diplomatic policies in line with its national interests. A researcher working with Tianjin Social Science Academy's Foreign Economic Research Institute wrote the article.

It is very unusual that a researcher of a Chinese state-run institute would lash out at North Korea. China sometimes indirectly conveys its stance through researchers, when it thinks that there may be diplomatic conflicts.

In connection with the recent system of North Korea, the article blasted that although the North Korean people are living in terrible conditions due to successive natural disasters, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is committing massively political persecution and pursuing ultra-leftist politics in order to maintain dynastic political control.

Concerning relations with North Korea, it pointed out that North Korea has ignored amity in international issues and has not provided full support to China in critical situations. China does not have moral responsibility to support this kind of country on all fronts, the article stressed. In connection with Sino-U.S relations, the articles said that due to irresponsible behavior by North Korea, Sino-U.S relations have not improved.

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