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Marines at Mahmudiyah:

Those of you following (as I am) the career of "Da Grunt," fighting man of the 2/2 Marines, will notice that his unit has taken over Camp Al-Mahmudiyah. This is a return-trip for them, as they had been deployed there in March. This is an interesting place to me for one main reason: it's an example of "cultural sensitivity." "Camp Al-Mahmudiyah" was established by the 101st Airborne, who called it Forward Operating Base St. Michael. It has not been a pleasant place in spite of the name change. It might have been better to have continued to invoke St. Michael, whose name was the war cry of the angles according to Catholic tradition. Then again, the Marines expect to guard the streets of Heaven when they die, as it says in the Marine Corps Hymn. I suppose they might feel that they could let Michael have the day off, being in the same line of work.

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