A Teachable Moment

I don't know if these are the sort of people who learn lessons, but they have at least been presented with an opportunity.
According to Antifa protesters who took over the presser, identified by the Post Millennial as “Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira,” the previous night their comrades had gone to confront members of the notorious Portland area biker gang [motorcycle club], the Gypsy Jokers. Police say at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

That went exactly as well as you'd expect.  


Anonymous said...

According to an acquaintance in Portland, everyone knows that you don't mess with the Gypsy Jokers. They have run several other groups out of the Portland area, and are well known for giving better than they get. (My friend wondered if AntiFa was planning to rob the G.J. who are drug dealers, and discovered that the Gypsy Jokers don't always follow Oregon firearms statutes.)


Grim said...

There are many excellent reasons to leave people alone and to mind your business. There’s a whole culture about how to treat people with respect in the motorcycle world, and ANTIFA likes to act in ways that violate large parts of it. Their aggressive approach is one they would wisely learn to curtail in certain company.