A Bright Note on a Dark Day

Those Javelin missiles Trump sent Ukraine turn out to work really well on Russian tanks. 


Texan99 said...

Oh, so we did send some! I'm happy to hear it. Apparently they are really the stuff when it comes to tanks. I've been wondering how realistic "The Last Centurion" was. The setup for that yarn was that our hero has to salvage as much as he can carry from a $12 billion depot in Iran when a global apocalypse hits, and fight his way out with a small band of men to Istanbul, recapitulating the Anabasis. He makes a spectacular explosion of what he can't carry, but he is particularly fond of Javelins and Strykers. Not knowing one weapon from another myself, I'm always curious whether fiction writers get any part of it right.

Speaking of the Anabasis, it will soon be ἐξελαύνω or "March Forth!" day.

E Hines said...

It was Trump who sent the bulk of the javelins over. Biden hasn't wanted to provoke Putin into taking action.

Eric Hines