Beethoven's 9th

Beethoven was perhaps born on this day, though what we have recorded is the date of his baptism, which was tomorrow. Apparently Charles Schultz' Peanuts used to make a big deal about his birthday regularly. For the same reason that it seemed right to talk about the theorbo a few days ago, it seems reasonable to play some of his great music today.

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Anonymous said...

I was supposed to sing the "Missa Solemnis" last May, as part of the Beethoven 250 celebrations around the world. Perhaps in May of 2022. Beethoven was a symphony composer who happened to add choruses from time to time. His work is . . . challenging . . . for choral singers. Powerful, amazing, and educational, but challenging.

I fully intend to get a tee-shirt made after the concert that reads: I survived Beethoven [year].