Being Reasonable

I talked to Jim Hanson yesterday, and he is not at all convinced there is anything to the Dominion stuff. He used to work in cybersecurity, and thinks that the audit is unlikely to be reproducible in other areas because if it were then literally every single thing that could go wrong would have gone wrong. Well, fine; let's see if it is reproducible in other machines in other states. Only let's do it soon, yeah? Not in February or March. I'm prepared to accept that it's not true, I'd just like to see it tested in time to do something about it if there's anything to it. 

Meanwhile Michael Flynn, a man I respect for his work in Afghanistan more than a decade ago, is talking about maybe having Trump use the military to re-run the election in swing states. That's definitely a non-starter in my opinion. There's no reason to think it would work anyway. I imagine that many Trump voters would change their votes in the face of a move to re-run the election 'until we get it right.' Should a President endorse such a move, that would be an excellent reason to vote against him. 

What I would like to know is what really happened, that night when in Atlanta the poll counters were dismissed and then they pulled out suitcases of ballots and counted them for hours. That part is very interesting, and the time to get any kind of truth about it is short. There will definitely be no truth forthcoming after January 20th, not with Biden/Harris in office. 


Christopher B said...

For all the talk about record turnouts and 80 million votes, where it really counted Biden won by

about 10K votes in AZ
about 12K votes in GA
about 20K votes in WI
about 33K votes in NV
about 80K votes in PA.

Strategically subtract between 75K (AZ + GA + WI + NV) and 102K (AZ + GA + PA) votes from Biden's total and Trump wins the EC.

Biden's margin is narrow than Trump's 106K margin (WI + MI + PA) in 2016.

Grim said...

You’ve said that before. I’m interested in whether those totals were real. It’s within the margin where fraud is possible.

ymarsakar said...

Hanson is a funny and interesting man. Unfirtunately he is talking about things above his paygrade and outside his expertise field.

Of course grim may not be portraying his pov accurately. Grapevine effect.

douglas said...

Well, it's not as if fraud hasn't produced over 100,000 votes to swing an election before...

StuartH said...

The best analogy for what happened in Fulton County GA when the "water leak" happened and the workers were "evacuated" is the "radiation leak" on the Red October. A phony facilities crisis created to conceal a big deception.