Dominion Audit

A forensic audit is released to the public on authority of a Federal judge. 

"Ramsland’s team concluded that Dominion’s system 'intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.'"

Well, what's really important is that the election is over, and it's just too late to worry about that. Or anything else, like the use of state police to bar Republican electors from the state capitol. (Or making the audience stand for the National Anthem "and the Black National Anthem," a more symbolic but still striking attempt at fragmenting America along racial lines.)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Wait for the full info on this one. It seems impossible that any vote-counting software would generate many errors just because. The reason for this may be dangerous and may not be adequate, but it is not for nothing.

My thought these last two weeks is "Just because you live in a bad neighborhood doesn't mean that your car has been stolen. You have to actually look outside and see if the car is missing, and even then, establish that is is not your forgetfulness or some other reasonable explanation."

Grim said...

So, of course it's always wise to wait for further developments and to keep an open mind. That said, note that this has been under a court gag order until the day the Electoral College voted.

Note also that the court challenges have been failing chiefly on laches grounds, that is, that the challenge was raised "too late." Was Pennsylvania's election constitutional? No! But it's too late to challenge it. Was Wisconsin's election legal? No! But you needed to raise the challenge sooner.

I suspect the same thing is happening here. People keep saying, "We need to see hard evidence, not just the statistical anomalies that would suffice for State to declare a foreign election corrupted." Well, here's a forensic audit. If it were made public at once, it might well have produced orders for similar audits in other states -- the additional evidence you'd like to see, in time to contest the results. Since it was held until the day the Electoral College voted, though, who now has standing to object?

So, yes, more evidence and more time will help us know the truth. It may be a truth that is acknowledged only in the history books: ones written long after our day, because tech and social media firms will join YouTube in suppressing it. Someday, though, the truth will out.

In the meantime, waiting and seeing -- however wise and ordinarily decent -- is foreclosing the peaceful and legal ways to contest this.

Grim said...

Also, please note, the Georgia Senate races will be run on this same system next month. So it's not just a matter of historical importance, whether Dominion produces anomalies that have to be 'hand corrected' in adjudication -- lots of them -- which provides the voting machine operators the most direct opportunity to directly affect votes. That's like twenty days away. If you don't have an answer by then, it'll be "too late" to object to whatever results are produced.

J Melcher said...

Imagine a fair game.

Imagine yourself and a rival flipping a coin 5000 times, and the agreed-upon "flip" protocol requires you and your rival take turns flipping, the coin must leave the hand, move upward at least one foot, then land on a card table to be read and the results (heads or tails) recorded. There is a public running tabulation total -- at any flip -- showing how many of each face has been seen thus far.

If the coin bounces off the table, or rolls off the table, or is challenged for not rising a foot above the hand, etc ... it's a "error". Last time you played this game, there was a separate column in the table showing number of errors. THIS time, all errors are resolved on the spot. Look at the coin on the floor. Re-Flip the low flying coin. Chase the coin towards the wall as it rolls away and step on it, THEN figure out heads or tails.

All errors will be resolved by your rival.

Does you rival have any incentive to increase the number of "errors"?

ymarsakar said...

These errors are intentional and coded in. As well as backdoored remote controlled.

I know it is hard for people to comprehend, finally figuring out their REPUBLIC IS DEAD.

I know. I figured it out pretty early in 2006. That just means I am ahead of the curve here by a bit.

But God has given the gift of 20 20 vision to people in 2020. Insurmountable evidence, so that even the military hardheads with their lack of imagination into all things consPIRACY will figure out what the pirates are doing in piracy.