A Critique of Liberalism

This book review is encouraging that the book is worth reading; the review itself goes further than the book, into a criticism of liberalism (both classical and reform) as contrasted with Christianity. If you find the Christian account too strong, the book is probably more to your tastes. If you find the account compelling, the review will have pleased you and the book may still be of interest.


james said...

The reviewer seems to get it right.

Dad29 said...

Deneen is a provocative thinker, to say the least.

Ymarsakar said...

It was the Jesuits that produced a lot of the Counter Reformation, liberal arts education that Protestants eat up now a days.

Protestant reformation leaders saw the Pontifex Maximus, the Bishop or Patriarch of Rome, as the anti christ. Guess people "forgot" about that over time.

Oh but Francis, people think, is just a Liberation Theology guy, nothing wrong with that. Except Jesuits created Bellarminian Liberation Theology to mess with the heads of Protestant states... they have an image of Jesus as Che guerilla in the Latin AMericans, motivating the Catholics to kill Protestants and vice a versa.