And Just Like That, The Story Changed

An officer was on the scene of last week's shooting. He hid.

But by all means, let's all disarm and trust the government to protect us and our children.


Eric Blair said...

Beat me by a few minutes, you did.

Grim said...

It was a shorter post. This display of cowardice has left me too angry to say anything nice, which means I ought to say little if at anything at all.

Eric Blair said...

Meh. You never know how people are going to react.

Mostly speaks to lack of training, IMO. Response ought to be automatic. Looks like the guy thought about was he was doing.

Still, not "what he was paid for" eh?

Dad29 said...

There are more than a few folks in this country who suspect that most LEO's are only concerned with getting home every night (and getting paid.)

THIS guy will not be helpful.

E Hines said...

THIS guy will not be helpful.

Neither will the NLMSM. Mara Liasson was on Fox News's Special Report tonight citing this incident as proof that arming the schools cannot work. Typical Left (and too many pseudo-conservative Republicans): it's not perfect, so it must not be done at all. I'll stack up this one failure against all the times armed responses, both untrained and trained, have preempted or cut short such attempts and call it a damned good record.

And I'm with Grim: it's cowardice, not lack of training. Lack of training would have made his response late, clumsy, and likely ineffective. It was cowardice that made him not respond at all. "Took a defensive position outside." What's that? Was he preparing to resist reinforcements? Crap.

Eric Hines

raven said...

No. It's not training or lack thereof.
Ordinary guys die covering loved ones and friends.

We are all gonna die someday- one way or another. What better way to go than fighting evil? And who knows? Maybe he gets lucky- but how does one ever live with the knowledge one did nothing?
"Bahala na" Move, pray and shoot.

Ymarsakar said...

Huge amount of talk at NeoNeocon's blog over this.

A lot of people jumped to the conclusion of the guard being the problem. I didn't, as that would be reacting to Leftist propaganda and DS manipulations.