The new fascists

Sebastian Gorka on the bizarre treatment he gets from the press:
My father, as a young boy at the age of 13, escorted his fellow schoolmates to school in Budapest during the German occupation because his fellow schoolmates were forced to wear the yellow Star of David as Jews. And my father, as a Catholic young 14-year-old, protected them from getting beaten up or spat on by the German forces occupying Budapest.
And for them to then accuse me of having some kind of extreme right-wing tendency … you don’t get to call yourself a journalist and lie that badly, but it tells you the state of journalism in America today. But I think that’s going to change.


Grim said...

As I've mentioned, I know a guy who knows Gorka. He's a perfectly decent human being, I'm told by my friend, who is being badly mistreated by the Left.

I suspect this is because the Left is misreading his signals. Gorka's interview in Recoil suggests to me that he may to some degree be trying to fit into American gun culture by playing a character. This isn't unusual for first generation immigrants, who want to belong but don't fully belong to the culture to which they're trying to assimilate. So they signal as well as they can based on what they've seen of the culture in public, in the media, and so forth.

To the Left, that makes him look like a crazy -- the worst of their caricatures of American gun owners, whom they already despise. But he's really just trying to signal his desire to assimilate to an authentic American culture he admires. Or so I think; I haven't met the man myself.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Gorka is mistreated and so is trump by the media.

Who cares about those Liars? I don't. They don't. Most Americans don'apparently don't .
Trump doesn't really doesn't care.
Trump gives it back in spades.

In Gorka's words,
"God bless him and his Twitter feed"

- Mississippi