Contempt of Congress

It's curious that a Republican administration isn't complying with a Republican Congress' orders on an investigation friendly to that administration. I'm guessing that the Department of Justice and the FBI have a lot to hide here -- and as much from the President as from Congress.

An independent law enforcement branch that is neither responsive nor responsible to the elected branches is an alarming thing to behold.


raven said...

To do a bit of paraphrasing, "How many divisions does congress have?"

It gets sticky when the ones with the guns decide to disobey their oaths.

Grim said...

You're not kidding.

Ymarsakar said...

All is as people warned in the past.

How many sleeper cell death squads can the police and military create now. The US slogan is Obey or Else. The excuse before was that Trum could not become a dictator because the Left and Congress wouldn't allow. The truth is closer how the Deep State is already the dictator, thus there is no room for competitors.