There's snow approaching the Texas Coast Bend tonight.  We locals are, shall we say, unprepared for this development.

We have a tiny aged dog who doesn't regulate her body temperature well these days.  She's been crashed in front of the cozy fire on a pillow since yesterday.  It really is raw, wet, and windy.


Grim said...

The weather channel says we may get snow. For an hour, that is, in between just-above-freezing rain.

james said...

Annotated thermometer

Elise said...

Here, too - Friday night chance of snow with a north wind gusting up to 25mph.

Love the thermometer, james.

I totally relate to your poor dog, Tex - I've been huddled under a blanket since yesterday. I don't know how I survived 30 years in New Jersey.

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

Gringo said...

Annotated thermometer:
10- too cold to snow. Yup. While I now live in TX, I grew up in New England. Snow was on the way when the temperature was in the twenties, the sky was gray,there was no wind, and you could sniff the humidity.

Like Wisconsinites, New Englanders consider ice cream a treat in all weather. One Christmas I gave my cousin a half gallon of the local butter pecan ice cream she liked so much.

I played soccer when the temperature was in the 30s, with shorts, but I did wear a long sleeved jersey. We played soccer until there was snow on the ground. I certainly went out on occasion to the compost heap or to the paper box with just a shirt on. T-Shirt? Must have done it.

I put on my sweaters at much higher temperatures than our Canadian friends. I found out that a thick Ecuadorean sweater without a coat was just fine in the 30s.

The coldest I encountered in New England was 20-25 below. It has warmed up since my childhood.

Tom said...

Haven't you had enough weather down there, Tex?

Tom said...

Looking at the temperature in the middle of the night here, it's 19. No precipitation, though.

Texan99 said...

We got up at 3am to find no-fooling snow coming down. It's even accumulated a bit on the dirt, though it won't stick to the wet concrete. The temperature is hovering right at freezing. This same front has brought us about 2 inches of rain this week, desperately needed though not welcome to many households that still are waiting on new roofs for one reason or another: delays with the insurance companies, or stiff competition for all the available roofers.

Even this tiny accumulation was enough to make the school district delay the start of school this morning for two hours. The County is holding a workshop this morning to discuss the crazy new construction permit process, which I can't very well skip, having agitated for it. I'm wondering if I'll be the only person to show up. Driving through the perilous one-inch snow accumulation to do my civic duty, alone and unbowed! If I never post here again, you'll know they found my frozen remains in a ditch.

E Hines said...

That just means you'll have the only input to be considered--there's influence.

...you'll know they found my frozen remains in a ditch.

We'll just hold your corpsicle until spring, then thaw you out unharmed--and unaged those intervening months.

Eric Hines

james said...

WRT ice cream:
I'd been hiking errands around Oak Park (next to Chicago) and a 4" lake effect snowfall was making the streets slippery and messing up the bus schedules. So of course I went to Baskin Robbins: where else do you go in the snow? A few minutes later a young lady who'd missed her downtown appointment came in. We stopped talking for the day about 3 hours later. We've raised 5 kids.

douglas said...

James, that's a great 'how we met' story. Put a smile on my face.

Gringo, I find how lightly I can dress in the cold has lot to do with what I'm doing, how long I'm going to be doing it, and what the humidity is- and of course wind. Where I usually encounter cold temps (the Sierras), it's usually cold and dry which is good, and I'm usually doing something active, so figure I should be cold when I start or I'll be too hot later. But always, always, ready to add a few layers if the wind comes up or the sun starts going down.