#2 AG Meeting with Senate Intel Committee

Given Sessions' recusal, this guy can approve a special prosecutor on his own -- and no one can stop him if he decides to do so, not the President and not the Senate. I wonder if he's decided to pull the trigger.


Cassandra said...

This is not a criminal investigation, so I can't imagine anyone would appoint a special prosecutor.

It's a counterintel investigation. To prosecute anyone, you need a credible accusation that one/more statutes were violation. To date, I haven't heard that this condition has been met.

That said, the past 2 years have been so weird that I'm not sure anyone can even find the rule book, much less read it.


Cassandra said...

violated... not 'violation'.

I feel violated by this whole thing :p

Grim said...

I gather Michael Flynn left off his $45,000 paying gig from a Russian speech when he filled out his last SF-86, and as you know that is a criminal offense if they choose to prosecute it as such. He did amend that later, but if you really wanted to put a scalp on the wall you could still go after him.

Besides, with the law and the regulatory codes as complicated as they have gotten, there's always a felony if you want one badly enough.

Cassandra said...

I've already stipulated that if they want to go after Flynn, they are free to do so. But they're going to have a tough time with this, given all the other public figures who haven't declared payments (and weren't prosecuted):