Taco Bell Gets Healthy

Business Insider apparently stopped in one recently, and noticed that it wasn't quite as they remembered it.
Unless you’re a hardcore follower of the chain, you may not have noticed the change, so we’re going to fill you in: Taco Bell has started to become one of the country’s healthiest fast-food chains.

It seems a little weird that a restaurant that offers a Doritos-shell taco would warrant that title, but it’s the gospel truth.

In the past year or so, Taco Bell has been restructuring menu choices from top to bottom, especially on the company website and mobile platform. The goal? To give consumers a choice. They can pig out on Crunch Wrap Supremes if they want, or they can go for a healthier option that’s still quick service and delicious.
The high-protein chicken "Power" burritos are not a bad choice if you have to eat fast food for some reason. When I travel I sometimes eat them. You can get a reasonably healthy dose of protein for around four bucks, even at an airport or a train station.


Texan99 said...

I've always liked Taco Bell. It's not Mexican food, but it's tasty in its own right. What could go wrong with a crunchy taco shell, some ground beef, and some salad, maybe a little cheese?

Grim said...

It's the best of the ordinary fast food joints around here, although now Del Taco is moving back into Georgia. They are, I think, much superior; but I have certainly eaten plenty of Taco Bell over the years, especially in leaner years.

james said...

They've had a bad reputation around here for uncleanliness issues, but I don't recall any confirming reports of people actually getting sick. (always somebody who knew somebody who worked there) IIRC, not even the local Chipotle had any food poisoning instances reported, and that chain was supposed to have a systemic problem.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with a crunchy taco is that the crunchy ends up shattering and leaving taco all over me, the table, and the floor :) Maybe I just have terrible luck. I'll take Taco Villa over Taco H-ll, soft over crunchy.


douglas said...

I'm with Grim- Del Taco far preferred.

Also, define 'healthy'... The way things have gone with what we've been told was healthy at one time or another, I've decided the term (from any government or activist source) has little meaning.