Against the Royal Presidency

Charles C. W. Cooke:
As I write, the president of the United States is openly promising to finish off his second term with a flurry of extraconstitutional activity. By the power invested in his “pen and phone,” Barack Obama intends to wield his “executive authority” in order to institute a set of environmental rules that the people’s representatives have declined to grant him; to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in direct defiance of Congress’s will; and to further circumvent a series of immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.
It's a good point. Everyone has been mocking Mrs. Clinton's claim that "I wouldn't keep any school open that wasn't doing a better-than-average job" on the grounds of its innumeracy. What strikes me about it is her assumption that, as President, she would of course have the power to close a local school if it failed to perform.


Ymar Sakar said...

America loves their god kings. The slaves also think they are free. A lot of mirages and delusions people love to believe in.

Unknown said...

It is really rather stunning how dopey and unimaginative these people are. Are they completely incapable of empathy and even momentarily walking in another's set of moccasins. They seem unable to anticipate that one day, by establishing bad precedents, it may be their own ox getting gored.

To quote another blogger, Brando: "It amazes me how much people can be blind to the fact that the shoe so often ends up on the other foot."

Grim said...

A point with which I am in full agreement, ma'am. One reason I want to strictly constrain the Federal government to its explicit Constitutional role is that I know it will often -- maybe even usually, possibly even always -- be run by people who don't agree with me about what right looks like.

Ymar Sakar said...

Did the Nazis imagine the Jews they exterminated, would reverse it and use the ox to gore them? It wasn't the Jews, those that were left, that did that, it was the other warmongering nations and nationalists which the Nazis failed to wipe out, because they spend so much time and logistical resources shipping Jews on trains.

However, if they had wiped their enemies out, they wouldn't really need to worry about blowback. Has Islam worried about blowback from Christians and Zoroastrians, who they wiped out in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries?

Dead people can't kill you, even with holy water as a bridge.

Grim said...

I think I disagree with everything you just said, including the unspoken assumptions that frame your remark.

Ymar Sakar said...

If they truly were unspoken, then you don't know what they are, Grim. All you're doing is guessing.

Grim said...

That's why I said I think I do, rather than merely that I do.

Ymar Sakar said...

Point noted.

Going back to the subject of setting bad precedents, while the Left may appear clownish to people at times, such as for example William Ayers to the proto and cultural military, their strategic and logistical assessments are not entirely unfeasible.

They do believe that when they get the camps setup, that the bad precedents will not blowback on them the full nature of the Left's hierarchy, because there won't be any enemies left with any power to do the blowing. Hitler is merely one of the earlier examples, bad ones, to look at. But those who have used the wisdom and ruthless efficiency of annihilating their enemy's center of gravity as well as culture, would be better models to look at. Models which imply, explicitly, that the Left will not necessarily be punished or blowbacked for their transgressions: Genghis Khan; Alexander the Great.

In order for cultural and nationalistic resistance to occur in multi generations, the "South will Rise Again" concept, one must have a population and culture with which to transmit the heritage and memory. By eradicating the enemy's culture or subsuming it under a greater power. the power of the sub culture can be digested and used for fuel by the mainstream culture. Such as Islam did to Christianity and Zoroastrianism. Such as Alexander did to local tribes that resisted.

Usually, the incompetence of humanity presents the example of a Hitler or two, where in the same generation this attempt to conquer all, failed to even vanquish the resistance. Whereas Islam has demonstrated over the centuries, that there's more than one way to wipe out a people and a culture. Part of the trick is that Islam wasn't so tunnel visioned on it, the Kurds and the Armenians still exist, but they are far lesser threats to the Power of Allah.

I do not blame the Left for believing that they may achieve the Throne of God, to obtain ultimate satisfaction from their slaves and inferiors, the way Stalin giggled in pleasure at the thought of the powerless masses hating him and holding grudges against his executioners. They are what they are. The slaves, however, think they are free, yet do not fight as free humans would.