Thieves of Liberty

A filibuster was originally a sort of pirate, raiding in Latin America for profit. What they are stealing this time is a future in which Iran doesn't become a nuclear power, and a future in which Iran doesn't immediately receive tens of billions of dollars to fund terrorism. Everyone agrees that Iran will use at least some of the money it's about to receive to fund terrorism. The President agrees. The Secretary of State agrees. The Secretary of Energy agrees. A majority of Americans wants Congress to reject the deal. And we're not even going to vote about the wisdom of doing it.
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is threatening to filibuster the bill altogether, and unless at least four more Democrats promise to vote against the deal, Reid may succeed. Critics of the deal are outraged at the idea that Congress’s only chance at oversight of the initiative might not even get a hearing on the Senate floor. The White House is also reportedly pushing for the deal to be filibustered, so that Obama won’t have to veto a resolution disapproving the signature foreign policy accomplishment of his presidency. Such talk has prompted Congressional Republicans to consider moving the legislation first in the House, where passage is assured.
We didn't vote when Barack Obama was named the Democratic nominee for President either, remember. None of the votes in the primary elections were counted. He was named by acclamation. There had been a huge debate about that all year long, as early voting states votes were going to be discounted by the DNC. Hillary Clinton ran all year on the principle of "count everyone's vote." She herself was the one to propose setting everyone's vote aside.

The enemies of liberty and democratic self-government must be held to account. We, the people, must do this. They cannot be trusted to do it to themselves.


raven said...

Ever read "Killing Pablo"? Mark Bowden?
There are lessons there, grim ones,about taking down a big figure. What they did, boiled down to the essence, was to attack a mighty oak ,and lacking the ability to just cut it down all at once, started mercilessly pruning every branch and leaf- the polar opposite of cutting off the head of the snake. Finally all the support systems were eradicated and Escobar was running around like a rat with one bodyguard left. They killed him from the bottom up. This is my nightmare as to how our political divisiveness will eventually devolve.
BTW,The first chapters give a dreadful insight into civil war.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Leftist alliance doesn't even exist in your world Grim. How can you fight them as enemies then?

That leaves only a few insurgencies that you can step on easily, on paper that is. In reality, it extends farther than Yggdrasil.

Ymar Sakar said...

Raven, it's efficient that way. If you cut off the snake, it just grows a new one. Decapitation is very useful in battles or wars where command and control is central. But cellular 4th gen warfare doesn't necessarily need orthodox command and control. Ft Hood 1 and various other Islamic or Leftist attacks on the US weren't carried out due to AQ being able to communicate on phones being satellite tapped by the NSA. They weren't on the phones, they would get drone bombed. So they got off, but that doesn't change their assets or execution of it.

Without vassals and subordinates, even the Leftist alliance cannot conduct operations. ACORN, DC homo prostitution rings, lawyer extortion and racketeering operations, and Planned Profit human livestock farming are conducted using personnel at the cellular level, at the bottom. They have little to do with the Elite Top of the priestly dogmatic leadership.

And yet the Leftist alliance does have a unified chain of command, much as a Caliph holds in Islam.

Grim said...

That's more nuanced than usual, Ymar, but I still doubt it's an alliance -- let alone admitting a chain of command. The Clinton machine and the Obama machine are quite separate political entities, and one obeys the other only uncertainly and with difficulty. Most of the genuine leftists I know are Bernie Sanders people this year, and thus aligned against both of those machines.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Clinton machine and the Obama machine are quite separate political entities, and one obeys the other only uncertainly and with difficulty.

They are merely family branches of the Leftist alliance. Hussein and the Clintons are not the controllers, more like the puppets of the puppet masters. For Hussein, it's obvious, he's Ayers' student you liked to discount so often in the years past, Grim. For Clintons, they are interested in power, which means they work with the Left, even if they wish it not.

The concept that the "top" has to consist of a political leadership, is misdirected.

Ymar Sakar said...

Most of the genuine leftists I know are Bernie Sanders people this year, and thus aligned against both of those machines.

Most of those people you know are fools, serfs, slaves, and zombies. They have no idea what is going on. You, who are their superior in many fields, even refuse to connect the dots, so why would a Leftist understand what their hierarchy consists of? Nobody tells the cannonfodder what's going on at the top, it's not in their need to know nor is it below their pay grade.

Ymar Sakar said...

let alone admitting a chain of command.

How do you explain Fast and Furious? The IRS and x15 other fed branches targeted Tea Party patriots on a whim then?

Benghazi's ambassador bodyguards were pulled by Clinton and they left because they felt like it, there was no chain of command as you explain it.

Of course there is, you just can't explain these incidents while tying them together. To you, they're just coincidental issues of human mistakes.