Off to France

T99 says she is off to France, on what sounds like a well-earned trip.  (She also added that she'll be trying to check in by blackberry, about which I know nothing; but I have tried to enable Blogger's mobile-device mode for easy viewing on that platform.  Let me know if it works.)

I have never been to France, but my mother and sister had a wonderful time there a few years ago.  If I were to go, I would want to go and see whatever festival this happens to be:

The song is a cheery one in French, though an old and traditional.  Here is one that is newly composed, within the last dozen years or so, but in a dialect of French that is genuinely Medieval.

Of course, most likely you will want to see the modern France, and not the one that would interest me.  You'll have to let us know what you find there of value.


T99 Naughty Little Sister said...

Off to Paris, France
Where the nekkid ladies dance
But the men don't care
'Cause they're in their underwear!

*running away*

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest starting in the South of France - Provence, the Dordogne, in general the Languedoc. (Pardon the spelling, please. French is not one of my languages). That is the land of the troubadours, medieval castles, and fewer tourists. I enjoyed Alsace as well and Strasbourg has a nice old core (avoid the banlieues around the city). And of course the Cluny Museum in Paris, and the Northern European wing of the Louvre (that's where the Merovingian artifacts are and the crowds are not).

But that's just my take. I've not seen much of the area around Paris, Brittany, the mountains (any range) or the Massif Central, nor much of the Rhone Valley.

Texan99 said...

We made it. I have just discovered that the qwerty keyboard is different here, on the hotel computer.

I can't say I want to see modern France. Cheesemaking and fabrics are more in my line. We're starting in Paris and then will wander into the SW of France. We plan to visit some cave paintings.

And through the miracle of modern communications, I can call my aunt as though I'd never left. It's a bit tougher to stay in contact with my sister, my traveling companion.

No trouble logging on here, but I can't make the link work that causes the comments to be pushed to my email.

raven said...

One of the highlights of a trip to England was watching the archers in traditional garb shoot, on the fields beside the river, under the ramparts of Dunster castle. Days of yore indeed!