UT Sports Jokes

UT Sports Jokes:

You may have heard that the University of Tennessee has had a little trouble with some of its players lately. Since mine is a mixed family -- some live in Tennessee, some in Georgia -- naturally I've had the occasion to encounter some of the fallout.

Q: What do you call a drug ring in Knoxville?
A: A huddle

Q: Four Tennessee players are in a car, who's driving?
A: The police

Q: Why can't most of the UT players get into a huddle on the field?
A: It is a parole violation to associate with known felons.

The University of Tennessee team has adopted a new Honor System:
'Yes, your Honor; No, your Honor'.

The Volunteers are hoping for an undefeated season next year....
12 Arrests, 0 convictions.
Consider the comments a good place for any jokes in a similar spirit. Or, really, any good jokes you may have heard lately.

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