CIA Reports Blocked

CIA Blocks Reports:

Via Secrecy News, I see that the CIA is blocking critical reports on its intelligence gathering. At least three unclassified reports, which could be made available to the public, have been produced by the Center for Study of Intelligence since 2003.

These are the kinds of reports, to judge from the article linked, that could be informative in our efforts to improve intelligence capabilities and reduce intelligence failures. The national debate is poorer, because the Agency has decided it doesn't want these critiques of its methods to be available to the citizenry it serves, and whose taxes pay for its hidden budgets.

The reports are available by mail... just not published online, nor is there any notice that they're available offline. You have to know to request one.

I haven't seen a copy myself, so I don't know if they have language in the printed version that prevents them being scanned in and posted on (say) a blog. But I would be surprised if it didn't.

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