The Challenger:

John Derbyshire, a longtime Shuttle opponent, reminds us that today is the 20th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. I was shocked to realize it has been so long.

Twenty years ago. I was sick that day, and stayed home; I remember that I was watching some daytime game show or other when the newscaster broke in. I don't recall which one -- they all seemed alike in those days, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings -- and he began by saying, "The space shuttle Challenger has exploded."

I remember being unimpressed with the words. Even twenty years ago, I assumed that the media exaggerated the horror of everything they reported in order to achieve ratings. "Sure," I thought. "You mean there's been an explosion on the shuttle."

Then they went to the video.

Now as then, words won't do. I guess it hasn't been that long ago after all.

UPDATE: Commenter Bryan is correct to note that I misread the date. It is Saturday, not this day, that is the anniversary.

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