Fake News & Park Police

Did Trump clear protests for a photo op? Park police say no.

Of course they could be lying.


Douglas2 said...

That whole thread has devolved into discussion of whether tear-gas was used, with Neal Augenstein @AugensteinWTOP asking each person who claims it _was_:
• how they know, and
• who was using it, between:
– DC Police
– Park Police
– Secret Service
only one cogent response (https://twitter.com/GarrettHaake/status/1267824405876359173) who says he was a marine (and should know what exposure is like from their gas training), but can't identify where it came from.

Christopher B said...

Twitter sucks as any kind of a reporting platform.

As best I can read out of the thread

1) The Park Police denied using tear gas but did say they used smoke and began clearing park about 20 minutes before the 7pm DC curfew. Secret Service neither confirmed nor denied using tear gas. DC police don't seem to be directly involved.

2) Park Police say they weren't informed about POTUS movement. DC police say they received notice. Again, not clear if DC police were in the Lafayette Square/St John's area. The reason the Park Police cleared the park ahead of curfew wasn't clearly stated. There some indications trouble was starting (objects, possibly water bottles, being thrown) and curfew was near.

3) Lots of people quoting various reports of tear gas being used but others indicate live shots don't show people reacting as if gassed. Also, LEO not visibly masked even though they were advancing through smoke. Neither POTUS or his security detail were masked walking through the park a few minutes after confrontation ended. I suppose tear gas could clear in that time frame but would the Secret Service have taken the chance on some lingering?

Overall, it would appear that the most sensational headlines of 'Trump ordered non-violent protesters tear gassed' is not supported by evidence but I would say that it's highly likely someone coordinated having the park cleared before the movement.

Dad29 said...

Umnnhh.....who CARES if they got gassed? That's two birds/one stone: got the trash out of MY park and Trump got a nice picture.

Yes, it IS "my" park, and it's yours, too.

Grim said...

My guess is that the Secret Service would have cleared it if the Park Police hadn't, but maybe not. Trump might have just walked right out there into everybody like he was on WWE, trusting in his Secret Service crew to keep him whole. (Which they were apparently prepared to do; I saw a photo of one agent on the team with a sniper rifle as big as himself.)

Ymar Sakar said...

Good for cars rushing the prez.

As for tear gas, that can be faked. Like border wars back south. Fake smoke canisters.

Grim said...

Currently the claim is that they didn’t use CS or CN gas, but did use smoke and separately pepper balls that can cause tears. Whether or not that constitutes “tear gas” remains in dispute.