There's Something You Don't Hear Everyday

"Everything conservatives predicted about Obamacare is coming true."
Well, and it has been for a while now. But you don't usually hear that admitted. Obama said we could keep our doctors and our plans if we liked them. That was not true. Obama said it would bring down costs thousands of dollars per family. Not only was that not true, costs are up substantially.

We also said it would destroy the health insurance industry and leave us subject to a government takeover -- a takeover that would be used to ram Nanny State social agendas down our throats. No smoking! No drinking! No motorcycle-riding! No gun ownership! All those things are too dangerous, and raise your prospective cost to the system too much. And since we are all paying for your health care now, we "all" have a right to demand that you live exactly as we prescribe that you should.


Eric said...

Yeah, I really want to shove this in some people's faces that I know, but it wouldn't do any good. Teaching pigs to sing and all that.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

NRO article on the fact that the one (sorta) good thing is that the ACA has had a smaller footprint than expected by either side. This keeps the inevitable collapse just as likely, but smaller. It also makes reversing it less complicated, though still miserable.

Anonymous said...

I would now like to tie Grim's "Death Panel " post in to this post by discussing Jonathan Gruber,
the Architect of Obamacare who I consider evil by all traditional measures.
Why, well just read the 15 different articles at the links and you will see why.

Gruber also said that the only way to control costs is to effectively deny treatment.​

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January 2010
Revealed: Top Commentator Jonathan Gruber on Health Bill, Under $400K White House Contract

November 2015
​Obamacare Architect Says Abortion is a Social Good

November 2014​
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November 2014
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​November 2014
UH OH: Obama: ’Like Your Plan, Keep Your Plan.’ Gruber, 2009: ‘Five Million People Will Lose Their Plan’​

​December 2014 ​
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​December 2014 ​
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December 2014​
Obamacare Advisor Who Called Voters 'Stupid' to Congress: 'I Have No Philosophy of Abortion, End-of-Life Care'

January 2015
Obamacare architect: There will be death panels

February 2015​
Looks like Gruber thought stupid Americans wouldn’t notice if he overbilled them

February 2015​
Ex-ObamaCare adviser Gruber: Tax fat people by body weight

​October 2016 ​
Obamacare Architect 'The Law Is Working As Designed,' 'We Need a Larger Mandate Penalty'

​October 2016
Bureaucrat who said "stupidity" of Americans helped get law passed doubles down


jaed said...

the ACA has had a smaller footprint than expected

Depending on what kind of "footprint", that's not necessarily a good thing. The lion's share of the consequences has come down on self-employed people, and while that's good (or less bad) for people who get insurance through employers or who are on the dole, it also means there's a lot less pressure to put an end to it or provide some kind of relief to the victims, since they're a relatively small minority of the population.

Grim said...

That's a good point. Self-employed people are among the categories that the gov't is only too happy to screw (along with temporary workers, part time employees, and so forth). It's like we're the "usual suspects," to be rounded up and slapped with another fee for existing every time the government gets together to do something.