These People Just Hate Historic Flags

They hated the Confederate flag, sure. Then it was the Betsy Ross flag. Then it was the Gadsden flag. Then it was just the plain old American flag. Then it was that flag, upside down. Now it’s this one

One might say, well, they don’t like Biblical language. This, though, is a partial quote from Patrick Henry’s patriotic — or rebellious — and most famous speech. “An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!"

Henry had the phrase from Locke; it was well known in the era that when a government violated its obligations and just limits, the people still had the right to ‘appeal to heaven’ by taking up arms. As, indeed, they have. 


Tom said...

Well, certain historical flags, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. A neighbor has had a small one of those hanging on a knee-high banner-holder beside his doorstep for over a year. I don't know the family well enough to inquire as to the reason why, but I agree with the sentiment.


Anonymous said...

I've long noticed they never have issues with the flag that has a hammer & sickle on it ;-)

Grim said...

A fair point. I thought about including “American” in the title; maybe they just hate historical America.