I Don’t Know What To Tell You

Top CIA official posts support for… good gracious. There really is no bottom. 


Gringo said...

Same old, same old. Recall that the CIA hired John Brennan, who admitted voting Communist in 1976. He went on to head the CIA. Or giving Frank Olson LSD without telling him, which resulted in his suicide.
When has the CIA NOT been a bunch of #$%#$%?

Grim said...

I knew some great patriots from CIA. They were all purged because of Iran-Contra, though.

douglas said...

Our supposed intel 'professionals'. What a joke. Except national security is no laughing matter.

Gringo said...

I knew some great patriots from CIA.

I knew Frank Olson's widow and children. I still exchange emails with one of Frank's nephews.

(I'm not trying to deny your point. Just that this is one more example of the saying that it takes 3-5 connections to link any 2 people in the world.)