Miss me yet?

 From a WSJ commenter on a bit of Noonan nonsense, via PowerLine:

Mr. Biden is as rude as any president, and without the success to compensate.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

This has always been my point. Trump is coarse ...compared to Clinton? He is mean...compared to Obama? Clinton? Trump is sexually predatory...compared to Clinton? John Edwards? Trump is vindictive...compared to Hillary? Obama?

They don't mean what they say when they complain about him.

Texan99 said...

But he is tactless, I'll give them that. He says the things they can't bear to have said out loud, and he doesn't pretend to be reluctant to acknowledge their truth. I have probably as little use as anyone alive for the notion that a rich, powerful guy should think of women as a commodity to grab if he can get away with it, but I'd rather deal with a guy who honestly confronts that primitive impulse, while restraining impulses towards fraud or violence, than one who pretends he's never felt anything so tacky--or that a lot of women he encounters don't agree completely.

I'd like to be careful about stereotyping people from particular countries, but I prefer someone who is honest about his assessment that floods of immigration from cultures in nasty disarray are bound to cause us huge problems, not just because we're not endlessly generous but because a large fraction of the individuals will be bringing counterproductive behavior with them. At least if we're honest about this, we can strike a compromise and help some people. Not so if we lie sanctimoniously.

Trump is one of the least sanctimonious characters I've ever seen come to national prominence. He doesn't seem to buy into very many polite fictions. It's no accident that he achieved more of what he promised than anyone dreamed he would do: I think his promises really lined up with what it was important to him to accomplish. That's rare.

ymarsakar said...

My only complaint about Donald is that he is too weak.

So many of his supporters thought they were not tired of winning yet.

Does 2020 look like WINNING YET?

They perceived my comments as making fun of their Dear Leader. If counting their chickens before they hatch is better, then by all means. Sit around and wait for my Apocalypse for the Signs are already here.