Voter Integrity Project: Georgia Report

The public report redacts a lot of the actual data, because it contains specific details about voter registrations that could be used to harass people. They identified six illegal tranches of votes, of which their resources only permitted them to examine three. Even with those limitations, they identified more than enough illegal votes in just the three tranches in Georgia to overcome the margin of victory.

Note that this is different from the 'chain of custody' issue in Georgia, which 355,000 ballots appear to be lacking. These are specific ballots identified as illegal. 


Anonymous said...

They spell out data sources that would show illegal registrations or registrations with illegally cast ballots, and then discuss why each would have false positives.

They then go into the efforts taken to remove false positives arising from each reason mentioned.

I'm confident guestimating that this would remove 99% of false positives, (plus turning a bunch of true positives into false negatives), but even then that leaves 10 false-positives for the opposition press to find and crow about, just in the first category.

Grim said...

It's OK to make anonymous comments, but house rules require that you sign them with a persistent pen name so that we can distinguish one anonymous commenter from another.

You are right that the issue is one of will rather than law; and, thus, that neither a preponderance of evidence nor even proof beyond a reasonable doubt will satisfy. Our opponents, or enemies as the case may be, will seek any ground to dismiss the whole; and any ground will do, since they are definitely not going to yield the power they will never admit to have been stolen.

However, it is important to know the truth.