New Year, in the Cimmerian style.


ymarsakar said...

It is interesting for me, watching a nation like America and humanity at large, awaken to the topic of OBEDIENCE to the State or Resistance to evil.

Those two topics weren't such big things even a few years ago.

Nothing to fight over, nothing to see here, move along.

On the plus side, I have collected enough arms that I need a squire to lug them all around now.

Elise said...

Happy New Year.

raven said...

Not much for fireworks around here last night, the reservation stands are all shut down.
On the other hand, the gunfire was constant- sounded like every person who has been conserving ammo decided to take the opportunity to do a anonymous function check.

Happy New Year one and all-may it be the best we can bring about, despite circumstances.

douglas said...

Happy New Year to all in the Hall.

Anonymous said...

We heard one bang, but it was yesterday afternoon. A squirrel saw out the Old Year and blacked out a few dozen houses. No fireworks or gunfire.


Elise said...

We were listening to an album of Christmas carols played by guitarists. Just as we got to "Carol of the Bells" the people down the bluff set off about 5 minutes worth of fireworks - really excellent ones, professional quality. It was a perfect way to see out 2020 and welcome in the New Year.