Choosing America

 Cuban-American Maximo Alvarez warns us what his father warned him when they arrived in this county:  Don't lose this place.  If we let happen here what we let happen in Cuba, there is nowhere else to go.


Gringo said...

While I initially accepted the liberal viewpoint of my home area, this was also during a time when many liberals thought it was OK to be liberal and also anti-communist. Re Hubert Humphrey and Arthur Schlesinger. Yes, the anti-anti-communist ethos was also around.

Several of my classmates in my rural hometown - classes of 25- had Iron Curtain refugee parents. From minimum-wage work I knew a couple who had survived the Holodomor in Ukraine. I also knew adults who had experienced both Nazi and Communist occupation during their childhoods in Estonia.

I didn't talk much with the Iron Curtain refugees about their experiences- I knew many didn't want to talk about it- but their silent witness sufficed for me to take note of why they were in the US.

And yes, Fidel did hide his Commie tendencies in his guerrilla days. Raul and Che did not.

raven said...

Thanks for posting that. Usually I don't watch the conventions.

douglas said...

Night one was really an embarrassment of riches in terms of speeches. Mr. Alvarez was excellent, as were Herschel Walker, Kim Klacik, Sean Parnell, and Andrew Pollack were fantastic, and the McCloskeys were surprisingly good and funny.