The salacious, unverified Mr. Steele

Christopher ("The Dossier") Steele has been giving testimony under oath in the UK, implicating both Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice in the lucrative oppo research that became the dossier that became the Russia Collusion Special Counsel debacle.  At one point he identifies a DNC Perkins Coie lawyer as the source for one of his tidbits; other tidbits he simply paid for.

This striking at the head of the snake is intolerable and clearly has to be denied and denounced.  I'm curious whether they'll come up with a defense more convincing than "only a partisan idiot would rely on anything that man has to say."


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The few times that stories that have stumbled along through legal channels, out of sight of the MSM and thus not something most people are aware of, they then take them entirely by surprise, believing that these are wild conspiracies and right-wing nonsense that have no real basis. Folks simply cannot believe that all of a sudden This Is Real. My God, what is Bill Clinton doing testifying before a Grand Jury> How on earth has the democratic system fallen into the hands of extremists so far as to bring Hillary Clinton up before a congressional committee on what must, simply must, be trumped up charges?

Instead of questioning why their sources have never told them about these things, they double down into greater paranoia that more and more extremists are gaining a place in government.

The problem is not that liberals believe a few wrong things that could be remedied with a little persuasion and pointing to facts. The problem is the sources that they trust a thousand times a year.

ymarsakar said...

How is he still alive?

Given what I know and the threats that are out there... this particular incident is just a minor attack. A minor attack... what per say would be a major one?