Some Action

Barr sent formal instructions to Federal prosecutors to look for unconstitutional restrictions in emergency orders.


J Melcher said...

Bill Clinton's biggest contribution to the presidency was to prove American voters don't care about sexual discrimination among politicians. Let a powerful person exploit his subordinates. Nobody cares. Trump grabs 'em, Joe penetrates 'em; who cares?

What does irk many, (I hope, most) of us is that the neutral, fair and balanced, unbiased, public service oriented, truth-crusading media DOES seem to care, but only in certain circumstances.

If the media selects when to care and when not to care, I infer they care about something other than sexual exploitation. Why won't they tell me what it is they really care about? And why do they pretend to care about Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

douglas said...

It's a good warning to the Governors that while they have a great deal of authority, it is not boundless. Worthwhile if for nothing but the warning value.

ymarsakar said...

America needs to understand that "freedom of the press" does not mean staying with the abusive, psychopathic, partner called the main sewer press.

Why doesn't America end the relationship... Stockholm Syndrome? Fear? Weakness? Lack of Bravery? Preference to Obey Authorities?

The longest a narcissist lasted around me was about 3 months. And that was 1 month longer than when I figured it out, and the two months were to cut the narcissist off from the others he was feeding off of.