Armed Protesters Swarm Michigan Statehouse

The armed protest in Virginia a few months ago was friendly, peaceful, and completely failed to prevent the governor and legislature from enacting unconstitutional laws. In Michigan, today, a much smaller but much angrier protest is likely to encourage a governor with proven disdain for the Constitution and its norms to call out the National Guard. Of course, sentiment in the National Guard probably runs against her; and the President can always call the guard into Federal service and overrule her orders if he decides to do so.

Interesting times.


She's calling the thunder.


douglas said...

She'd better worry about her statehouse first- they apparently aren't on her side either. They did not vote to extend the lockdown, and authorized a lawsuit against one of her orders.

E Hines said...

She's calling the thunder.

She might want to have a care. Some of are the storm.

Aside from which, she's jeopardizing her chances at the Biden ticket.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

This is not fallujah 2 tho