A Strongman Moment

This guy may have more in the tank, but we can’t test it because no bigger Atlas stone actually exists.

The fellow is from Scotland, the heritage home of many (though not all) of the great stone-lifting strength sports. He is a Cimmerian, as you can see.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Didn't seem to strain.

Grim said...

No, he looked like that wasn't even very hard.

ymarsakar said...

Oh he was definitely straining, but he shift the weight around from top to leg power, rotating his muscle leverage around.

Notice the power of his belly. The fat/fascia is like an electromagnetic coil, as it is purified energy, and allows for more total body physical power.

Often dehydrated and low body fat pictures are shown of men to tell them "you need abs that look like this". Haha. No, that's not where the power comes from.

ymarsakar said...

The power comes from the "beer belly" of infamy. A large belly is the solar plexus power source of the entire physical body, if we refer only to the lower 3 chakras.

Often this increases too much to over compensate for the body's sickness in imbibing toxins, toxic "foods", and other American stuff they call "food".

As Americans drink and eat a large amount of small toxins, the belly attempts to adjust to this by increasing the size of the "battery" to reduce toxicity. This is what you see in obesity. The body's toxicity is so high, that it needs to be that large for it to function. As toxicity is a matter of concentration and dosage. Amount of poison over total area affected or volume affected. By increasing hte total volume, total toxicity is decreased, even though the poison is not removed.