A Five Thousand Year-Old Sword

Found in Italy.


ymarsakar said...

Do you know yet what America and Admiral Byrd found in Antarctica?

Do Americans even know who Byrd is... and no, it's not their KKK Senator zombie.

The stuff public education chose not to put in ROckefeller text books.. and people think I'm the ignoramus, hah.

People, in general online or offline, think they can out argue me about Newton's Three Body Problem that remains unsolved... when the first time they heard about it was when they checked wikipedia a few minutes after I slammed their head into the subject matter.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

This probably predates the Hittites, and is more likely something from that Hattians or Hurrians that the Hittites defeated or absorbed. They would be from what we call "Old Europe," before the various Indo-European groups came in.

However, I did say "probably."