There's a First Time for Everything

Apparently to include "belonging to a government-designated domestic terrorist organization."
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday declaring the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorism organization” due to its opposition to more stringent gun-control legislation.... The resolution accuses the NRA of not only resisting legislative reforms that its drafters believe would help curtail the country’s “epidemic of gun violence,” but also of “incit[ing] gun owners to acts of violence.”... The resolution also declares the Board’s intent to “limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization.”
'Greetings, fellow terrorists!'

It's bad enough that the SPLC has been designating fairly mainstream organizations and individuals as 'extremists' or 'hate groups.' Now it's actual government entities, albeit so far not very powerful ones. The penalty for being a 'domestic terrorist' is so far limited to San Francisco businesses being encouraged not to do business with you -- which I suppose means encouragement not to employ members of the NRA. That's a violation of freedom of association that is probably incapable of surviving a court challenge even in the 9th circuit.

Still: what a day for American political rhetoric!


Thomas Doubting said...

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Know your enemy.

MikeD said...

It's quite easily solved. The NRA should just stage a peaceful march through San Francisco and basically dare them to arrest members of a "known terrorist organization". Good luck on those convictions...

ymarsakar said...

Factionalism. As I said before, it's how one gets civil war. It's not from random people online talking about wars or warmongering or whatever. It's about the factions.

Ostensibly when a sizable population in the US starts believing 9/11 was an inside job, half of them think it was the Right and the other think it was the proto of the Deep State... factionalism is way too late for anyone to stop. With the exception of the Divine Elohim. The last time the Elohim had to step in to stop it, they sent what humans called an "angel" and killed off a Syrian ish army of 100-150k in a single night, leaving one befuddled commander that kept yapping on about how the God of Israel was too weak to confront him during the day, alive to go back to tell his emperor/king what happened.

ymarsakar said...

The standard of Army/Marine hand to hand is 1v1 victory. The standard of civilian contractors and programs is 1v10 victory. The standard of heroic warriors and ancient cultivators is 1v100 victory. The standard of super human warriors and demi gods was 1v1000 battle victory.

The standard of the divine Gods is 1v100,000

I don't think you humans get it yet.

That angel is not an individual, a warrior, or a ship or a squad or a weapon. It's far beyond human considerations of "tactical vs strategic" scale weapons. And it was on the low end. Look at Soddom Gomorrah for orbital strikes of a higher end. A city numbering billions would not fare better.

ymarsakar said...

Here's an intel info dump for the curious.

The leadership cadre of the Deep State (which is not anyone in the FBi or CIA or the Administration, those are all fall guys and cannon fodder) believe they are divine descendants of some ancient divine master race, which put them here to control humanity.

It's a kind of Ragnarok, where there are factions amongst the Divine, although humans have known there are hierarchies amongst the Divine for awhile now. Although to the Divine, it is not a hierarchy but a fractal family relationship.

This is why there are online rumors that the Queen of England is a lizard alien. It's part of the Aryan/Nazi/Deep State ancestral Blood based belief system.

Which is why I don't all of a sudden jump on the Alt Right "Blood is Born RIght" ideologies.

These Deep State humans (that think themselves better and mightier than frail mortals) were prepared using advanced technology to fight the gods. That is why a lot of what they do doesn't make any sense in terms of purely human factional struggles. If they wanted to destroy the US or use the power of the US to destroy other nations, they wouldn't need to do what they do. Their target is the Heavens, same as Nimrod the Emperor of Humanity in the past.

That is because the Weapons of the Divine Sons of God exceed mortal limitations thus they, like the Germans, need far more advanced technology to attempt to counter it, futile though it may be.

This is why Trum has a Space Force and why NASA has been money laundering untold billions into various black programs that Congress doesn't have the clearance to know about.

ymarsakar said...

I noticed early on, especially here, that the SPLC was... problematic.

These kinds of info dumps tend to come true sooner rather than later. That's because they were always true, it just takes the media awhile to be told to cover it. It becomes such a malignant problem that bloggers have to cover it or the Babylon Bee targets it.

raven said...

So JFK was a domestic terrorist? OK.

New tee shirt idea.

Red, with black image of Herr Schicklegruber.
"National Socialist Workers Party".

See they can reconcile that.

Grim said...

George H W Bush too. Head of the CIA, Life member of the NRA. President, at one time.

Larry said...

An organization of similar scope to the NRA for owners of firearms has been mentioned here in the past, but I don’t recall it’s name. Grim mentioned in particular that they did not engage in the hyperbolic 5 minutes to midnight rhetoric that the NRA does. While Frisco has made me strongly consider renewing my NRA membership, I’d like to know about the other organization as well.

Grim said...

It may have been a state-level organization. VCDL is one I respect.

On the other hand, we’re “terrorists” now — for peacefully opposing legislation. It might really be five minutes to midnight.

On the third hand, the NRA is in a bad place organizationally. Ollie North tried to square it up, but lost the internal vote to the ruling clique. He’s a man I know, and respect as a patriot in spite of what’s been done to his reputation. I don’t know that the NRA as it exists merits full support. But it’s hard to walk away in this hour.

douglas said...

I've heard good things about Gun Owners of America, too, but have not joined myself. I only joined the NRA two years ago, and I suppose I'll have to renew now, just to make the point.

Christopher B said...

It might really be five minutes to midnight.

Though I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, I'd say ten til.

The pieces are there but under-coordinated at this point despite the best efforts of leading SJWs. Google et al could probably put together a working social credit scoring system in rapid order upon request from FBI/DOJ for the purpose of identifying 'domestic terrorists'. They probably already have a prototype up and running for the Chinese. At that point all that's needed is to share the information with financial regulators to use electronic funds transfer as a pressure point, something that's already been done via Operation Chokepoint. Most business can be counted on to respond to pressure as well (see the recent announcements from Wal-mart, Kroger, et al regarding legal carry of weapons). In pretty short order 'domestic terrorists' can be cut off from most communications (social media, email, cell phone canceled) and economic activity (your bankcard gets canceled and bank accounts are frozen).

All that's really needed is a President willing to issue the EO and the heads of major agencies willing to carry it out.

ymarsakar said...

Gun Owners of America imported/manufactured a cool LED 1600+ lumen flashlight a few years ago. Not sure where they got it from but it was the collapsing zoom one handed version, not the screw around to make it zoom ones usually seen on Amazon/Chinese designs.

They were quite expensive at the time, over 50 US dollars per. Bought 2 so I could store them in different 3 day packs. Saw a lot of use at night, required aim type aiming for visual disruption at range which is a skill not something money buys, and was great when the lights went out. THe battery life was also surprisingly excellent. 21st century tech vs the 20th century tech is a big difference.

In pretty short order 'domestic terrorists' can be cut off from most communications (social media, email, cell phone canceled) and economic activity (your bankcard gets canceled and bank accounts are frozen).

The religious fundamentalists have been going ga ga over the "Mark of the Beast" preventing buying and selling for some time now. Although it's probably not a good translation and much was lost in the 2000 plus year "telephone game" that is state Christianity, they do have a general guideline and point.

I prefer to rechannel all this and ask the Source directly. Much more accurate than playing a 2000 year old telephone game over he said she said.

ymarsakar said...

But don't worry, things will not be as bad... actually they may be, but reinforcements are on the way even as I write.

Know how all the angels kept telling humans "do not be afraid"? Humans didn't get it, everything around them was to be feared. Fear is the natural state of mankind and part of the Veil of Illusion of Maya.

Quantum bifurcation of the parallel multiverse for Earth is in effect. Those who want to be with the DS and Hell on Earth, will be. Free will and choice is not only permitted but required, all the Sons of God and all the stellar heavenly factions must obey or else.

ymarsakar said...

Greetings, fellow programs.

Apparently there is something called bow fishing now.

So what's the prep work if things are going well or better? Well, you know what they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Although in this case, storing gear and organizing them is itself a mini game some people like.