Incitement to Violence

If quoting you directly, in context, constitutes an incitement to violence... why would that be the case? What would you have to have said that merely quoting you would put your life in danger?

Dan Crenshaw, arguably the best man in Congress, is facing a charge to that effect.

You probably know the story. It has to do with a woman who came here as a child refugee, was taken in to our country, given every privilege and honor including elevation to high office. In return, she never seems to speak of her adopted nation -- we adopted her, I mean; I'm not at all sure that she adopted us -- without censure and criticism. And, in the event, she went to a fundraiser for a named but unindicted co-conspirator supporting the terrorist group Hamas, where she spoke dismissively of the 9/11 events.

I won't mention her name, since I wouldn't want to incite anyone. Some woman. Let's leave it at that.

Well, and she's a Congresswoman. She took the oath, for whatever that's worth any more. She took the oath of citizenship, too, for whatever that was worth to her.

Towards the end of her speeches, she sometimes says it was worth something. I'd be more inclined to believe it if the rest of the speech also reflected a heartfelt love of the nation, the Constitution, and our shared history and values.

Now, Dan Crenshaw, on the other hand: there's a man whose commitment seems clear. He enlisted in the Navy, suffered the hardships of becoming and remaining a Navy SEAL, served in Afghanistan, lost an eye to a VBIED. Because he is a conservative, he went on to mockery by our moral betters at Saturday Night Live; he responded to this with good humor and decency, in a way that was good for the Republic. Then he won a seat in Congress, where I don't doubt that he takes his oath very seriously.

He's the bad guy, though. You're supposed to get that.

What has become of the nation into which I was born? Where did it go, I ask, as once the wielder of a thunderbolt sword asked after his elvish wife.

[H]e had searched by the stream by which she had prayed to the stones, and the pool where she prayed to the stars; he had called her name up every tower, and had called it wide in the dark, and had had no answer but echo; and so he had come at last to the witch Ziroonderel."Whither?" he said, saying no more than that, that the boy might not know his fears. Yet Orion knew.

And Ziroonderel all mournfully shook her head. "The way of the leaves," she said. "The way of all beauty."
So too I, but not yet.


Texan99 said...

Congress is supposed to vote on censuring someone for taking offense to something someone said. Got it.

Crenshaw might have replied that he was a little surprised that someone said something and then everyone went all nuts about it, and what he really worries about is the backlash.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ T99 - that would have been delicious.

@ Grim - I have the advantage here, being deeply embedded among liberals in the 60s and 70s. The country you grew up in was already disdained and out-of-fashion. It has been a rearguard action since then, and some would say since the 50s.

Which is fine. There is honor in that, and often a surprising usefulness, as unexpected allies show up.

Grim said...

Sometime after my father died, I realized I was next and -- perhaps surprisingly -- came to peace with the idea. As you say, the rear guard is a place of honor.

So also said the Clancy Brothers.

Ymarsakar said...

This is why when Americans say the Republic is not dead and I say it died a long time ago...

Grim said...

Just as you say. Americans say the Republic is not dead.

ymarsakar said...

Some things you cannot see without sufficient love, hate, and being outside of the conflict, Grim.

The traditions of the forefathers is not enough to arrive or derive truth. Without truth, the war becomes a fog.

ymarsakar said...

It is why Americans didn't believe me when I told them the nation was full of traitors that needed killing. I was told that I was being too much of a warmonger even for soldiers and Republicans, heh.

And it is also why now after the warning has passed, it no longer matters who does the killing. It won't resurrect the REpublic. Not after all that has happened in the last 150 years.

Lincoln already paid a sea of blood, along with Sherman, to delay the Divine Judgment. The descendants of your America, has not kept up the compact. There is a consequence for this.

Don't look at me. I didn't elect or vote in or help the traitors of the US, including migrants or not. And even if I went out in a blaze of glory terminating a few people here and there, as some here fantasized about, that would be of little worth to my eternal plan. Not part of my eternal plan. Whether the US falls or not, does not impact my progression. It did impact the patriots though. Hard to be patriot though, when the rest of the country is so backwards in many respects.