Pundits are already declaring that [Netanyahu's] government will fall sooner rather than later. Perhaps. But in the meantime, consider: Decisiveness, security-mindedness, bluntness, and economic well-being trumped political correctness, character assassination, and hand-outs in Israel. The Democratic Party should take note.


Grim said...

It is hopeful news, for these and other reasons. The press currently hates the Saudi prince and the Egyptian president in part because they're preferring to bury the hatchet with the Israeli prime minister. They might actually attain peace and prosperity. You'd think that would be more popular than it is.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Bibi was MIT '75 and '76, completing eight years of course work in in 5.5, interrupted by his brother's death at Entebbe. He completed his thesis for a Harvard PhD at the same time. In short, he was exceptional even among the most exceptional minds in America. I have a friend who graduated with him, the smartest person I have ever met, who speaks with high admiration of his intellect. To undercut that just a bit, he was older than his classmates, having completed his Israeli military service first.

But intellect isn't everything, and Netanyahu has also shown determination, ability to listen and change directions, and willingness to wait until more information becomes available before making a decision. I wish we could elect him here.

douglas said...

"You'd think that would be more popular than it is."

You'd think, unless there were some who sought disruption and deconstruction of the old ways.