The Dems aren't getting their semi-auto ban through Congress right now, but they might in the future. It's blatantly unconstitutional: the AR-15 is the most protected firearm under both Heller and Miller. Still, they mean to do it whether it's constitutional or not.

So why not build a non-semiautomatic AR?

The trigger pull is cocking the weapon, or so it appears; if so, it's no more semi-auto than a traditional revolver.

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raven said...

The question is not what they ban. The question is if anyone will obey.
History is rife with examples of what happens to those who give up their arms, from Carthage to Venezuela. One unanticipated consequence of a decades long push for gun control is that the pro gun side has become very educated on the Constitutional basis of firearms ownership, and also on general history surrounding gun confiscation.

The recent state semi auto bans and magazine limit bans have gotten less respect than the 55 mph speed limit. Compliance is close to the limits of measurement AKA none. The potential ramifications of criminalizing ex post facto half of the population are grim.