Dissolve the FBI

I really like the way American Greatness is thinking big.
There may be one solution that preserves the patriotic agents who are protecting the nation while helping drain the Beltway swamp: dissolve the FBI, fire all the senior political operators still in the Hoover Building, and make the 56 FBI field offices across the nation—where the real agents work—the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigations division of the Department of Homeland Security.

This way we may prevent the next palace coup.
We are in a time in which significant reforms are needed.


E Hines said...

Need to rename the J Edgar Hoover Building, too, maybe repurpose it.

I'm also not comfortable with a central government police force engaging in (allegedly) domestic counter-espionage activities. Nor am I comfortable with a central government police force generally. I don't have a viable alternative for either, yet, though.

I'm not convinced State and local police forces, with adequate and adequately controlled links to DHS couldn't handle the job of the FBI. Most of the rank-and-file agents would do good service plussing up those forces.

Eric Hines

Dad29 said...

Vigorous Cheer for eliminating all the people in the Hoover building.

Not-so-vigorous for subsuming all the rest into DHS; that agency will be too big to get out of its own way.

But I don't have a better idea at the moment.

Ymarsakar said...

Even if the FBI and CIA was dissolved, the True Deep State would only lose some surface fodder and 1-5% of their reserve power. Not enough to determine a war at this rate. Americans are often hopelessly optimistic, and for the wrong reasons.

While nationalism is an effective counter against foreign communism and infiltration, it is not an effective counter against internal traitors that have obtained the highest credentials of "patriotic nationalism". It allows the DS to hide certain things from the American public, such as the true nature of the Federal Reserve, the limitations of Presidential security clearances and who he gets to fire, and Operation Paperclip.